The challenges of an increasingly connected world require connected solutions. Tech Port is Port San Antonio’s vision for an innovation campus that:

  • 1. Connects people with opportunities;
  • 2. Connects education with employers; and
  • 3. Connects buyers with sellers.

  • We are moving ahead with the creation of an initial set of facilities to achieve and reinforce these connections. Ultimately, we look forward to this vision taking root across our entire campus and connecting capabilities located at our Port with audiences stakeholders throughout San Antonio, the state of Texas and the world.

    In short, our vision is to build the future by providing connected innovations for a connected world.

    TECH PORT is Port San Antonio’s vision to leverage its unique industrial platform as a leader in facilitating the delivery of innovative technology solutions to some of the world’s largest industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial services
  • Medicine
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply-chain logistics

  • For more than 100 years, the land that is now Port San Antonio has been a center for innovation. Established in 1917 as the site of the former Kelly Air Force Base–where chapters in aviation history were written―the Port has redeveloped the property over the past 20 years to focus on the continued evolution of global technologies.

    Today, marquee names in aerospace, manufacturing, cybersecurity, robotics and other technologically advanced industries conduct an array of projects on our large site.

    The Port campus is a well-established and rapidly growing national center of deep, rich technological expertise and talent.
    Our 1,900-acre campus is unique in size, flexibility and location.

  • Accessible by air, train and highway

  • Near other key industry sectors

  • Home to over 80 customers and 13,000 workers

  • Hangars and aircraft maintenance workshops

  • Secure offices

  • Large industrial facilities for manufacturing and prototyping

  • Build-to-suit sites from 5 to 150 acres
  • Visit the Port's website at portsanantonio.us

    Generate interest in, and provide a place for, the delivery of tech careers and education opportunities
    Create opportunities to showcase technologies and capabilities available to key industries
    Connect academic institutions with commercial, industrial, and government markets
    Generate opportunities for creative collaboration between innovators and key industries
    Augment and support the work of institutions of higher education focused on addressing national security priorities

    Museum/Industry Showroom

    A new home for the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology and other education and cultural entities. An adjacent industry showplace—accessible to all—will highlight innovations being developed at the Port and throughout the region.

    This space will play many important roles--giving audiences a glimpse into innovations and related careers in their community.

    The center will also serve as a showroom—much like a permanent world’s fair pavilion with rotating exhibits—that allows industry participants to sell their technologies locally, nationally and globally.

    Co-Working/Maker Spaces

    An area for professionals from many disciplines to come together to work closely in the creation of new technologies, and to develop the next generation of innovators.

    Adjoining the co-working area will be an ample maker space—an industrial laboratory that allows collaborators to develop and test prototypes of integrated technologies.

    Technology Arena and Conference Center

    A magnet for the public, industry and educators alike is a state-of-the art technology arena withan expected capacity of 1,500 guests.

    Large video monitors and other equipment will provide San Antonio with its first grand virtual showcase. The space can be configured as an auditorium or conference center to hold large meetings and conduct demonstrations and training programs in cybersecurity, virtual and augmented reality and other technologies. It will also be available to local educators and national events that include Cyber Patriot competitions that support the development of the skills of the next generation of digital experts. And it will also serve as an electronic gaming arena—a recreational venue drawing young people from throughout the community and connecting them with the museum and collaborative educational components of the innovation center.


    THOUSANDS OF LEADING EXPERTS are already working in these fields on the Port campus.

  • Over 1,000 experts strong
  • National headquarters of the 24th Air Force Cyber Command
  • Home to leading companies that support military and commercial clients

  • Over 3,000 experts strong
  • Modernization and support of military and commercial aircraft, including mechanical and digital infrastructure


    Leading innovators rely on the Port as they integrate robotics, sensors, AI, VR and big data to support an array of industries:

  • Aircraft modernization and maintenance
  • Aircraft modernization and maintenance “Smart” robots supporting manufacturing and supply-chain operations
  • Technical training through virtual reality

  • Over 6,000 strong: senior leadership, uniformed civilian personnel and contractors
  • National headquarters for key U.S. Air Force Missions, including:
  • 24th Air Force / Cyber Command
  • Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)
  • Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)
  • Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA)


    Boeing San Antonio modernizes the Navy's Super Hornet fleet

    Boeing San Antonio Modernizing U.S. Navy’s Super Hornet Fleet

    Endeavor adding hundreds of new jobs.


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    High tech education blossoms on the Port campus

    Upcoming K-12 school will include robust STEM-focused programs helping students become San Antonio’s next generation of tech innovators.


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    Port San Antonio experiencing growth spurt

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    Local Cybersecurity company expands footprint at Port San Antonio

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    NASA awards $750K grant to local nonprofit for after-school STEM program

    WEX Foundation will inaugurate a STEM program called New Worlds Await You — a National STEM Challenges for Student Space Exploration..


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    Navy contract upgrading fighter jets bringing 500 jobs to San Antonio

    The 10-year contract with Boeing will ready 500 F/A 18 Super Hornets.


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    Plus One Robotics

    Robotics Startup Adds Space at Port San Antonio

    Founded in 2016, Plus One Robotics has been quietly growing its tech arsenal and adding new jobs..


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    StandardAero adds more F-16 engine work

    The firm now services the Egyptian Air Force’s F-16 Falcon fleet’s General Electric F110-100 engines.


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    CNF Technologies Launches Cyber Lab at Port San Antonio

    The company that will see its revenue rise from $10 million in 2018 to a projected $30 million in 2019 and a hiring boom that will nearly double staff to 140 this year.


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    StandardAero: 20 years and growing in San Antonio

    StandardAero — one of the leading providers of support services for commercial and military aircraft — marks its twentieth year as one of Port San Antonio’s premiere aerospace customers.


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    Esports could become official High School Sport

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    Tech learning environment continues to flourish at Port

    WEX Foundation’s new site at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology supports growth of STEM education based on space exploration.


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    Port San Antonio to add another tech building

    Facility will be the largest office space built at the Port in years and will attract companies that support industries at the campus.


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    Plus One Robotics teaches robots how to take over the drudgery of warehouse work

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    Port showcases groundbreaking local technologies at global aerospace


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    Port moves to add Innovation Center, more cyber facilities


    Sharpening SA's globally competitive edge

    A place to grow leading global aerospace, cybersecurity, defense, medicine, energy, financial services and manufacturing innovate.


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